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Our Location

Photo of the Quilt Beginnings Sawmill Road store

Quilt Beginnings
6591 Sawmill Road
Dublin, Ohio 43017
(614) 799-2688

Store Hours
Monday, 10AM to 5PM
Tues & Thurs, 10AM to 6PM
Wednesday, 10AM to 8PM
Fri & Sat, 10AM to 5PM
Closed Sunday

Our Broad Street location has closed

Quilt Beginnings has unified our staff, products and services under one roof at our Sawmill location.


Repair Services

Protect Your Investment

A well-made sewing machine should operate perfectly for many years. With proper care, all machines – sewing, quilting or serger – will continue to operate beautifully.

Dirty Machines Clog Progress

Sewing is a dirty business! It's amazing the amount of lint that builds up inside your sewing machine where you never see it. Stray threads, dust, and lint from fabric and batting can build up in your machine. With time, the debris can cause tension problems and even damage your machine.

Repair services photo

Cleaning & Repair Services

Quilt Beginnings recommends annual cleaning for all sewing machines, to ensure everything stays in good working order. We want to make caring for your sewing machines as easy as possible!

Coming Soon

We have a few extra service programs that we are working on, too.

Call Quilt Beginnings to learn more about our sewing machine repair services.